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US IMPACT Team works behind the scene with several Senators and Congressmen to educate them on plight of Indian origin Legal immigrants stuck on Work Visas and Dependent visas for decades


US IMPACT Team works with several Community leaders and Organizations as a political liaison and help reach out to top Political Leadership during their Mega Events.


'Howdy Modi' was one of the largest events US IMPACT team was part of. The team reached out to over 140 US Senators, US Congressmen and several State Leaders to invite them to the event using our Goodwill. 


US IMPACT Team has been advocating for better flight connectivities between US and India. We have been working with Airports and Airlines providing them with necessary data points and support to help them build business case on Route viability.


US IMPACT Team has been working with several ISDs to promote Hindi as an International Language option for Middle and High Schools

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US IMPACT organizes Candidate trainings for Indian Americans at a regular interval. These trainings are conducted by professionals and include 1x1 sessions between potential candidates and professional campaign managers


Time and again, US IMPACT team does exclusive interviews of Elected Officials, Candidates. With unbiased questions and engagements, we get important information for the community. 

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